Can’t quite visualize it? Leave it to our kitchen renovation design experts to squeeze that last ounce of storage space out of a seriously functional new kitchen floor plan. The end result? A kitchen renovation that is also more beautiful than you could imagine!

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The kitchen is the heartbeat of almost every home in Calgary. It’s often the main artery through which most daily activities flow. A kitchen that’s too small, poorly laid-out, or closed off from the rest of the home, can add a chaotic element to our lives that most of us would prefer to do without. Your kitchen renovation is as unique as you and your family and we know the decision to remodel your kitchen is never taken lightly. We want to take the time to get to know you and

really understand the driving factors behind your kitchen renovation. We want to understand your lifestyle, budget goals and what your dream kitchen renovation looks like to you. Remodeling is fraught with moving parts and uncertainty. In our initial meeting, we’ll draw from over 25 years of renovation experience to bring the process into focus, while giving you and your family the information you need to make the right renovation decisions.  


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Without a doubt, the key to any successful kitchen renovation or remodel is planning. Your kitchen renovation could include structural modifications, layout reconfiguration and a variety of permits, not to mention interior design and product selection. One of the biggest decisions to be made during the planning of your kitchen renovation is whether you should move out during the remodel or continue living in your home while the work takes place. We’ve done it successfully both ways, but the decision is unique to each family. Our extensive experience with both potential scenarios will guide you to the decision that’s right for you and your family.

As overwhelming as this all may be, there’s no need to stress. Our full-service approach to kitchen remodeling means that we’re with you every step of the way. Whether it be designing your new kitchen layout, or selecting appliances, our collaborative, transparent approach means that your expectations, budget and time-frame will be expertly managed along the way. Our proven network of affiliates, trades and suppliers are an invaluable resource, and their collaboration allows us to view your kitchen renovation holistically, channeling the intricacies of each individual assembly into a kitchen renovation plan that’s unique to you and your family.


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With a well thought-out and expertly crafted renovation plan for your dream kitchen in place, we’re ready to begin the construction process. And once it begins, nothing but a hands-on, detailed approach will allow our shared vision for your kitchen renovation project to be fully realized. Let’s face it, kitchen renovations and remodeling in general can be a tough process. However, our philosophy on scheduling, client communication and on-site management ensures a smooth process for your project. Prior to construction getting underway, we’ll make sure to take the time to walk you through our comprehensive construction schedule and all of the various details that go along with it. Our construction schedules are not only carefully crafted, but managed daily to ensure that your kitchen renovation project moves along at the right pace. This helps us to avoid costly delays and to bring your kitchen renovation to completion as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Throughout the renovation process, communication is key. Prior to work commencing, your family will be informed of exactly what to expect as your start date approaches, so you’re not left in the dark at any moment along the way. If the decision is made to stay in your home during your kitchen remodel, a functional, temporary kitchen will be set up elsewhere in your home. Dust & safety containment will be put in place for your family’s comfort and safety, as our small army of trades begin to push your kitchen renovation project along efficiently. From there, we’re on-site daily. Yes, every day. This allows us to provide exceptional on-site supervision and inspection to ensure that your kitchen renovation project is being completed to our high-standards. Daily communications and weekly site-meetings will keep you and your family in the loop. You can always know what to expect on any given day throughout the duration of your kitchen renovation project.


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Most people don’t choose to renovate for the process, but for the product… that being your completed dream kitchen. However, the process of education, planning and execution is the foundation upon which successful renovations are built. The renovation horror stories that we’ve all heard are often a result of a breakdown or mismanagement of one or more of these key facets of the kitchen remodeling process. Our methodical, collaborative & transparent approach to this process safeguards our Customers from playing a starring role in their own renovation horror story. Our commitment to a renovation procedure that we believe in will allow your family

and friends to enjoy the results of all the planning and hard work, as your renovated kitchen becomes the new and improved focal-point of your home!

Once your kitchen remodeling project has been completed, you can take comfort in the fact that our service to you doesn’t end there. We’ll be back in your home for pre-scheduled one & two-year warranty inspections, to ensure that our focus on quality craftsmanship is standing the test of time.


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