Before You Build #1 - Kitchen Renovations

As most realtors will tell you when buying a home, the importance of location cannot be overemphasized. The same thing can be said of appliance placement when first designing, and then renovating your new kitchen.

Once chosen, your appliances should be the first elements thoughtfully located on your space-plan. This will ensure that traffic patterns are optimized in this very busy area.  Although the traditional “work-triangle” concept is less stringently followed now, you will still want to maximize your kitchen’s functionality by planning your renovation or remodel around these appliances, while keeping in mind the equally important “form” (as in “form-follows-function”) that will create your kitchen’s visual impact. Another benefit of choosing your appliances FIRST in the planning process, will be accuracy of “fit”. Armed with the exact make & model specifications, your designer can plan for correct “opening” sizes and adequate peripheral “landing” areas to service each one.

And don’t forget, a kitchen renovation, more than any other home improvement project, will provide the highest return on your investment at the point of sale, not to mention the most enjoyment for you in the meantime!

Why not contact a knowledgeable Channel Custom Builders representative for more timely thoughts, BEFORE-YOU-BUILD?