Snap-Together Decking Tiles

There are not a lot of choices when it comes to improving the appearance of balcony and rooftop terrace walking surfaces, especially when these areas are above living space.  These surfaces need to be sealed with asphalt roofing or in some cases, vinyl decking. Not everyone is impressed with the appearance of these products as a final finish, especially when installed in conjunction with an otherwise elegant exterior renovation.

Enter MoistureShield!  This manufacturer can supply their EcoShield Deck Tiles at about the same price-point as installed tile or hardwood flooring.  Easy to install over almost any flat surface (including asphalt roofing or vinyl decking), these 12 X 12” tiles snap together to create your choice of three attractive grid patterns that are offered in four basic colors, great for any exterior renovation project.  Made with 90% recycled content, these non-toxic EcoShield tiles require no maintenance and are structured to allow moisture to flow-through to existing balcony and roof drains.  They can also be cut to fit an odd shaped space or around obstacles.

Regardless of the type of unsightly surface you want to cover (roofing, vinyl, concrete, wood), this product will certainly stand the test of time and enhance your new custom home or exterior renovation project! Go to for more information.